Monday, December 1, 2008

Comfort food

There's something comforting about a chicken cutlet, coated in some seasoned bread crumbs and quickly pan-fried. With a little Israeli couscous and a salad, it's a perfectly delicious dinner. Yum.

In other news, I was the happy recipient of a double e-mail from my great friend Meghann and her man Aaron, inviting themselves over to our house for a day of cooking and eating and drinking. I can't say that I mind - they're two of my favorite people on the planet. I am PUMPED, and I'm already full of ridiculous ideas. I'm also positively sure there will be pictures and blog postings galore come January 3rd.



Bakerloo said...

I'm glad you don't mind - honestly, we just don't have the space for a competition.

But we will be happy to bring cheese and meat snacks from DiBruno Bros up with us as a thank you!