Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese with Portobello, Red Onion and Tomatoes, Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Recipe courtesy of the Top Chef Cookbook

There's not much I like more in this world than grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I'm a bit particular about it, too - white bread, American cheese, tomato soup made with milk (not with water), and dunking my sandwich in the soup.  Awesome.  Nothing I want more when the weather turns cold.  Stephanie is especially partial to my tomato soup recipe, but I wanted to give this one a try.  Plus, it's a great recipe for a Meatless Monday.

First step was to saute and roast some thinly sliced portobellos, grape tomatoes and red onions with some white wine and balsamic vinegar.


Next, I melted some butter with some fresh thyme to get some awesome infused flavor.

Finally, the sandwich assembled on sourdough with some shredded Monterey Jack and provolone, brushed with the infused butter, topped with the roasted vegetables, grilled up in the frying pan.

The red pepper soup is nothing more than a traditional tomato soup base, but with a couple of roasted red peppers and some basil thrown in, then blended.  The verdict - AWESOME!  Then, for dessert:

Grilled cheese, tomato soup, warm and chewy cookies for the win.
What is your favorite cold-weather comfort meal to cook?


Rob Timko said...

man that looks good! We need to have a comfort food cookoff.

Mine is braised short-ribs over buttered noodles, but I can cook a mean tomato soup and grilled cheese too!


Rob Timko said...

oh yeah, are you going to the Nicholas cookbook dinner thing? we're doing the 5th. Another foodie friend of mine is also going.

Alex said...

Damn! We are going on Wednesday the 4th - the wife and I both have off on Thursday because of the NJEA Convention. Would've been nice to meet up for a drink before dinner. Alas, one of these days.

I saw oxtails and beef shanks at Wegmans the other day, and now all I want to make is something braised. Probably this weekend, with the temperature drop coming.

Rob Timko said...

Beef shanks.......just for the marrow!

best dish i've ever had (ok, one of them at least) beef marrow with oxtail marmalade at Blue Ribbon in NYC.

darn, the 4th was booked when I made my resy. well let me know how it goes...let's hope the suckling pig dish and the gnocchi dish are in the cookbook!!!

Alex said...

Those were the two dishes I specifically had mentioned to Steph that I hope are in there. To make that gnocchi dish at home would be awesome.

Tony said...

Chili. Nothing better on a cold night then a Spicy bowl of chili and a football game.