Monday, February 1, 2010

Pickles, addendum.

I could go into some long-winded description about the pickles I made last weekend, but here it is in one word.


Seriously, folks, it is well worth the time and little bit of effort necessary to make your own homemade pickles, finding whatever recipe suits your fancy.  In our household, it appears that Stephanie is a big fan of the slightly sweet dill variety, but I'm hoping to experiment with some other recipes that are a little bit more spicy to pair up with the sweetness.  I'll probably experiment with some crushed red peppers, or maybe throw some hot long green peppers in with the pickles to marinate.

Things I'd change from the recipe:  Chuck the slices, spears are the only way to go.  Other than that, I'd also put the dill at the bottom, then stick the onion slices between the spears.  Not so much a change in the recipe, but rather the construction.

We're already through 1 jar, and we're working on #2.  Something tells me that by this weekend, I'll be making another batch...perhaps to bring along to a Super Bowl shindig?


Caitlyn said...

mmmmmmm pickles.