Thursday, March 4, 2010

The challenge continues...

Oven-Baked Sopes with Zucchini-Corn "Filling"
Original recipe courtesy of Vegetarian Times

My self-issued challenge to use up random stuff in kitchen continued tonight.  Here's what I had on hand: an almost full bag of Maseca masa harina flour, a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes, a bag of frozen sweet corn and a can of black beans.  I did a little thinking and a little browsing, and I found the basis for tonight's meal on Vegetarian Times. Truth be told, all I was looking for was a recipe for oven sopes (as the last time I had tried making them was somewhat failed initially), but I had what looked like a decent recipe.
However, looking at the recipe, I took a few liberties (I mean...I was being creative...) that would improve the final product. - I used the entire can of beans and I threw in the Ro-Tel into the saute along with the beans - all smart choices on my part.  I made a half-recipe of the sopes, which ended up making 9 (as opposed to the expected yield of 12) - could have been that I didn't press them as thinly as they could have been - but I was satisfied with how they came out.  I also would recommend against using a drinking glass to make an indentation and form them into a tart-esque shape, like they recommended in the recipe.  Just flatten them out and dump the 'filling' on top.  Stephanie has declared this one a "repeat", which I suppose means that she liked it.  I personally added a splash of Tabasco to each one, but that's me.  Maybe next time I'd eschew the Ro-Tel and go with some minced canned chipotles, but that could be too spicy for the wife, and I wouldn't want to be stuck eating the entire dish.  Actually, that may not be a bad idea...
This recipe is vegetarian, obviously, so I'd highly recommend it for a Meatless Monday or a Meatless March, like my awesome friends Meghann and Aaron are doing.  Either veggie or meat, I'm curious to know:  what would you put on top of your corn sopes?