Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cookbook Review: Martha Stewart - The New Classics

Go ahead, say what you want about Martha Stewart. You might say that she's amazingly creative and has created an entire industry out of what housewives would do in their spare time between laundry and cleaning. You might say she's a lunatic who has way too much time on her hands. You might say she's a kind spirit who seems to want to welcome everyone into her home. You might say she's an evil witch who eats PAs alive for not bringing her a glass of Merlot. Whatever you think of Martha, there's one inescapable fact - she's got an awesome staff of chefs working for her putting together and publishing recipes.

Now, you might not necessarily find some tried-and-true American favorites like you would in, say, Fannie Farmer (which is a *MUST OWN* if you do not already have a copy) but this book has updated takes on practically everything. Easy to follow, easy to read and, like most of Martha's recipes, easy to perform. My personal favorite section is the "seasonal menus" which is nice because I think everyone could do to cook using more seasonal ingredients (instead of doing something dumb like trying to make tomato salad in the wintertime).

Maybe because it's late and I'm running out of the house, that I feel that I'm not doing this splendid work of culinary instruction justice. Just trust me, when it comes to a general, broad-spectrum cookbook, this one is pretty damn good.