Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I Like to Eat: Steamed Pork Buns

There's really nothing more sublime than a tasty morsel of sweet pork, onions and spices, wrapped in simple yeast dough, then steamed until delicious. Normally, the only time I'd ever eat these was on the rare occasion that I'd be in Chinatown or out for dim-sum, but my recent trip to Hong Kong Supermarket (Rt. 18S, East Brunswick) in search of bento boxes and Asian ingredients prompted me to pick up a package of 9 pork buns. Seeing that I didn't have a bamboo steamer, I had to pick up one as well.

Aside: it's really a sin that I didn't own a bamboo steamer, as it's one of the easiest, healthiest way of preparing food. Seeing that Steph and I are always looking to eat healthier, without sacrificing flavor, this should've been a staple in the kitchen. Needless to say, I now don't have to worry about it, and I think we're having steamed chicken, shrimp and veggies for dinner tomorrow.

So I really should make pork buns myself and freeze them, as I think they'd make a fun addition to a bento lunch, but for now, I'm satisfied in buying them from the Asian market. I'm not entirely sure how to wrap them, but this site has a really nice video on how to fill and pleat the dough, much like you would the edge of a pie crust. I wonder if there'd need to be any sort of modifications to freeze them, and if so, how that affects cooking time.

I think the question is this: who's coming over one weekend while I practice making steamed pork buns?


ericcthompson68 said...

You should be aware that Kristin and I are going to be there Friday. We could be your lab rats for the evening if you feel like cooking.

Bakerloo said...

Me and Aaron, most def!