Thursday, February 12, 2009


If you want to see some awesome blogging, WAY better than anything I could ever write, then you need to check out the incomparable Meghann blogging about one of my favorite foods at In Pursuit of Pizza, an ode to all things cheesy and crusty and saucy and delicious.

As far as Top Chef goes, I stopped blogging about this season because I honestly felt that these chefs are nowhere near as talented as the past 2 seasons. I haven't been impressed, and I haven't necessarily agreed with the judges decisions. Homewrecker (aka Leah) should've been gone LONG before last night's episode. However, she is lucky that the producers have a say in this, because BorkBorkBork should have been the one packing his knives last night. A slightly undercooked egg is one thing, because its a personal taste as to how one likes their eggs. A slightly undercooked egg can be frowned upon but forgiven, but overcooking salmon? For everyone? After being so cavalier about how awesome you are at cooking fish? Toast.

Whatever, now we have the good guys of SuperFabioBros (super props for gutting through with a broken finger), CrazyCarla (who has really emerged as the dark horse candidate, and I'm rooting for her) and the Prophet (who started off the season alright, but hasn't been doing anything amazing) against the evil BorkBorkBork for the title. Truth be told, I think the Swedish Chef gets it, because he's been cooking circles around everyone else (save last night).


Ms. Meg said...

A. Thanks for the plug!

B. I agree - Leah was way past her bedtime on Top Chef and was totally ready to go home. The bottom three last night was kind of hilarious. Leah was resigned. Bork^3 was furious with himself. The Prophet had a look of sheer terror on his face.

I loved the challenge last night. More than that, I loved Carla's tortoise impression!