Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Last Night's Dessert

Blueberry Cobbler with Lavender Scone Topping
Marscapone Ice Cream with Blueberry Coulis

Got this recipe from the Michael Mina Cookbook. I'm pleased with how the cobbler came out. I'm not usually the biggest fan of lavender in my food (as it reminds me of the hand soap Stephanie buys) but this was really tasty. The marscapone ice cream needs to be made wiht light instead of dark brown sugar next time, but all in all, it was still good.

However, my quenelle-making technique for the ice cream obviously needs improvement. Mine came out like a mushy oval, nothing like the way it should look. However, like I've mentioned before, my plating technique needs work (but is steadily improving!).


Ms. Meg said...

where did you find lavender? We are looking to infuse some water with lavender and I can't wrap my head around finding it.