Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pimm's Cup

Read about this stuff in a few nerdy cooking magazines a while back, and I got inspired when I saw it again on Epicurious. According to Wikipedia:

Pimm's No. 1 Cup
is based on gin and can be served both on ice or in cocktails. It has a dark tea colour with a reddish tint, and tastes subtly of spice and citrus fruit. It is often taken with "English-style" lemonade, as well as various fruits including apples, oranges and lemons. It is 25% alcohol by volume.

Apparently, it's also the official cocktail of Wimbledon, equivalent to mint juleps at Churchill Downs.

Here's how I made mine:
2 oz Pimm's No. 1, 3 oz Saranac ginger beer, a sprig of mint, over ice cubes in a highball glass.

How does it taste? It's kind of hard to nail down...I get tastes of plums, ginger, citrys herbs, with a spicy aftertaste (nutmeg and star anise?)...I don't know, it's just plain delicious. I suggest that you all try one next time you're out at a reasonably stocked bar. Good show, Brits!


Rob Timko said...

So when are you coming to Catherine Lombardi's to imbibe some other great (real) cocktails!?

Rob Timko said...

Perfect timing! The Restaurant Guys (owners of Catherine Lombardi) just posted a new podcast/show and they are talking about Pimms Cups (they recorded the show at Tales of the Cocktail in NOLA) check it out.