Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gin, my old friend.

Thanks to my good friend Chris, along with a good word from my blog buddy Rob, I am now a tremendous fan of Hendrick's Gin.

My history of gin pretty much starts with a bottle of Seagram's Extra Dry Gin that my across-the-hall-neighbor (and eventual best friend) Alex were bought our first day of freshman year of college. We neophytes decided the best way to rock it was to do shots - from what I remember, it tasted like burning...needless to say, I avoided the stuff for the most part, always coming back for a taste now and again.

However, thanks to some great advice from smart people, I'm enjoying gin once again. Despite the suggestion, I like my G&T with a twist of lime, as opposed to a cucumber slice, of which I'm not a fan.

Trust me, kids...if a self-avowed gin hater (one Mr. Joseph Fritsche) took one taste and couldn't order one fast enough, then this is something worthwhile for you to pick up at the liquor store.


Rob Timko said...


Now pick up some Dolin dry vermouth....and work your way up to a 2:1 martini

THEN you can hang with me at the best cocktail bar in NJ...Catherine Lombardi. ;)

Charli said...

Unfortunately I have not been able to go near gin ever since an unfortunate incident instigated by a certain Ms. L. Graham in 1972. Tis a pity.