Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top Chef Masters

How stoked am I to see real pro chefs face off? Random thoughts on the cheftestants.

- I'm rooting for my boy Wylie Dufresne, natch, but I don't think he's got the broad appeal that will take him far. The judges won't get his food.

- Hubert Keller is going to bring it home for the old-school French-technique style of cooking. He'll show that classic technique is still relevant and important in cuisine today.

- I like Rick Bayless. Yet another reason why I have to convince Steph to go to Chicago.

- I love Art Smith. He promotes healthy eating and good nutrition habits, and yet obviously enjoys his food. This harks back to an important belief of mine - never trust a skinny chef.

- I don't know any of the judges, nor do I care to. Where the hell is Padma, Tom and Gail?

- I think Liz Falkner is the dark horse, because she can do both savory and sweet. She might win one for the people because of this.


Stepha said...

Where the hell is Padma? Who is this fugly Asian lady? She is the example for how Asian women should NOT dress: big hair and lots of make-up make them look like whores. Let your natural beauty shine through. I want Padma!!!