Monday, June 22, 2009

Seasoned Skewers = FAIL

I don't seem to remember how, but I was in the possession of some Seasoned Skewers, I think possibly spending some leftover change from a Sur La Table gift card or exchange or what not. The idea seems interesting: preseasoned with tasty flavors, and all I need to do is skewer up some meat and veggies, and grill. Easy, right?

The flavor I had was Thai Coconut Lime, so I skewered chicken, shiitakes, red pepper and onion and let them sit for 10 minutes on the skewers. Grill until done, and serve with rice and a rather tasty sauce (2:1:1 sweet chile sauce:soy:lime).

I tried the chicken and a pepper without sauce, and I barely got a hint of flavor. With the sauce, not a whiff. Maybe it'd be better to let the food sit longer, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend these - better off making a rub or a sauce and apply yourself.