Monday, October 20, 2008

Katya > Martha

I got a Facebook message from my friend Katya, asking if I wanted to go to a Martha Stewart book signing. Like she needed to ask - I'm always on the lookout for additions to my collection of autographed cookbooks. She replied she figured I would say yes, and she had picked me up a ticket when she had stopped by to get hers before she even asked me if I wanted to go. Talk about a great friend - THANK YOU KATYA! Tomorrow I'll be the proud owner of a brand-new autographed copy of Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook. Totally wicked - can't wait to use it.

So here's my list of autographed cookbooks - yes, I am a huge nerd:
  • Louisiana Real and Rustic - Emeril Lagasse (Mom got this at a local B&N book signing some years ago)
  • Fork in the Road - Paul Prudhomme (this was my grandmothers', it's addressed to her)
  • Express Lane Meals - Rachael Ray (no personalization - I HATE YOU - this is a story for a for a whole different post)
  • Williams-Sonoma Mustards - Chuck Williams (wandered into the opening at the Short Hills mall when I was 14 years old, walked away with this!!!)
  • Farallon - Mark Franz (from Farallon in San Fran, a gift from the parents when they were out that way a few years ago - still haven't made anything from it yet)


Katherine said...

You're welcome!!!

Leslee said...

I'm very curious to hear the Rachael Ray story, lol!