Monday, October 6, 2008

I Can't Believe I Tried That...

...or "How to Completely Screw Up a Perfectly Good Recipe".

I went to an earlier muay thai class tonight so I could make a quick dinner afterwords - I decided on my recipe for sesame chicken with peanut noodles. I figured it was quick and easy and tasty and I'd have enough to pack tomorrow for lunch for both Stephanie and I. Seemed like a good plan, huh?

Everything was going swimmingly until I decided that I'd try the "original" recipe and add 2 tsp of hot sauce as opposed to 1 tsp. BAD IDEA. I also went with ground ginger since I didn't have any fresh ginger. BAD IDEA. The sauce was all wrong, and I tried to compensate by adding a boatload of more peanut butter. This made the volume of sauce increase quite a bit, and made it extra sticky, extra heavy...just generally AWFUL. I was severely disappointed, and so I will be having a sausage and pepper mini-calzone tomorrow for lunch instead (Steph gets the chicken w/ some rice).

The moral of the story: sometimes you don't need to play with the recipe.