Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First bento!

There's a photo of my first bento, made for Steph this past Sunday. Clockwise from the upper-left are the following:
- Sweet onion and pepper confit, glazed with soy and mirin
- Pan-fried chicken miniburgers, glazed with teriyaki sauce
- 100-cal Chips Ahoy snack pack
- an onigiri sprinkled with some sesame salt furikake

Not as decorative or as fancy as the ones at Just Bento or Lunch In A Box (but definitely check the artistic ones for some amazing work), but it's a start!


Bakerloo said...

do you have a rice cooker? I feel like I can't make rice balls because I don't have a rice cooker. PS- I ordered bento boxes yesterday!!!!!!!!

Leslee said...

Happy First Bento! Confit? Glazes? What do you mean, not fancy? :) By the way, we have that same Lock & Lock and I love it!