Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Don't-Eat-So-Damn-Much Diet

I'm a pretty big guy, and because I've got a large frame I can pull off a little extra weight without much of a problem. However, I got on the scale about a month or so ago and it hit 240, a number I haven't seen in college. It made me reevaluate all the crap I was eating and the snacking I was doing. Hence, the Don't-Eat-So-Damn-Much diet.

I know it sounds silly, but my biggest problem is that I am hungry ALL THE TIME. So, in order to compensate, I'm really trying to focus on eating smaller meals, more often. I know that eating plan sounds a bit cliche, but its keeping me from wanting to devour an entire cow.

Here are some of my rules for the Don't-Eat-So-Damn-Much diet.
1) Portion control - I try to limit everything I eat during the school day to whatever is in my bento box. Even at dinner, I'm trying my best not to gorge myself (despite the best efforts of my mother-in-law, who refused to accept that I was full after 4 chicken cutlets and 2 helpings of potatoes).
2) Balance - I don't get wrapped up in counting carbs, because I need the energy to keep me going during the day. However, I am trying to get my carbs from better sources such as whole grains and fruits.
3) Hydration - I drink tons of water over the course of the school day, at least a gallon. Combine that with my drinking of water at home, and I'm doing my best to stay as hydrated as possible, which leads us into our next rule...
4) No caffiene - I have pretty much cut out all caffiene intake. No more regular coffee, no more Diet Wild Cherry Pepsis, nothing. Even for the house, I only buy soda that is caffiene free (Sprite Zero or diet ginger ale).
5) Veggies - I really don't like eating most veggies, so I am trying to force myself to eat them and enjoy them.

I know these may sound like the same-old repeated means of trying to eat right, but I'm not imagining the 4 lb I've lost in the last 2 weeks.