Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School!

So I woke up a bit earlier than normal for the first day of school (5:00 AM), just to make sure I had enough time to pack up my lunches. Both took 10 minutes, start to finish. Kickass!

My bento consisted of the following:
- Upper left: pepperoni and cheese toothpicks (totally swiped the idea from Leslee over at This Little Bento) and some almonds
- Lower left: Wegmans fat-free vanilla yogurt w/ raspberries
- Right: Soboro over rice with furikake

Steph's bento consisted of:
Upper left: raw red pepper and sugar snap peas
Upper right: pepperoni & cheddar toothpicks
Lower left: onigiri with furikake and baby carrots
Lower right: mini chicken burgers w/ teriyaki sauce

Things that worked:
- Getting everything together in the morning was a breeze since mostly everything was premade.
- Made up the pepperoni & cheese picks the night timesaver in the morning.
- The raspberries and yogurt was a morningtime improvisation, and worked like a charm. The yogurt didn't leak or splash around.
- Steph was able to eat her bento at room temperature, which is the way it is supposed to be

Things to improve:
- I ordered fun reusable skewers, sauce bottles and other stuff. Can't wait until they get here.
- Had to microwave the soboro because the box had to be refrigerated due to the yogurt. Want to figure out an alternative way of packing fruit without needing to keep cool.

Quick shout-out: I know some of you have chatted with me about starting to pack your own bento boxes. Please please please post any suggestions or war stories or what not about what works and what does not. Also, if you're inspired and want to see some good-looking bento and a great blog to steal some ideas from, go check out Leslee's This Little Bento. I've gotten tons of good ideas from her, so go check her blog out!